What I am about.

Living in Texas. Inspired by the universe.

I love glittering. I adore feeling pretty and reaping the rewards of my efforts. I am against this new generation of careless person who wear exclusively sweatpants and Fuggs (or worse, the dreaded flip-flops). I do understand that there are places like the gym or pool where sweatpants and flip-flops belong but overall I wish people these days cared more about what they present to the world. Perhaps it is a lack of confidence, or a need to blend that forces girls into an exclusively PINK by VS wardrobe. In any case, this makes me sad. I want to share inspiration I stumble across, people I love, dresses I fall for or websites I adore. I want to show girls that everyday fashion can be fun, can be wearable and easy but still LOOK like an effort was made.

In short, life is just too short not to sparkle.


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